Premium Report includes the following information about the requested company:

  • Administrative data: registration- and tax numbers

  • Address

  • Type of business activity

  • Registered share capital

  • Bank details

  • General management and other functions of the general management at other companies

  • Share holders / owners and other functions of these share holders/ owners at other companies

  • Balance sheets and profit and loss accounts

  • Selected financial indicators and coefficients

  • Affiliated companies, branches, daughter companies and/or other companies registered at this address

  • Foreign trade activities: imports and exports, licenses

  • Number of employees

  • Court cases with the business court of the Russian Federation

  • Import categories according to TN VED, countries of origin

  • Export categories according to TN WED, destination countries

  • Carried out inspections as scheduled by government agencies of different sectors 

  • Graphical comparisons of financial indicators of a business sector and about the company of up to the last 15 years 

Since Premium reports could be fairly extensive we offer you to chose the relevant modules for your individual company profile. This profile will be saved in our system and will be applied for every information report order. Please address this issue with us when placing an order.