Factoring – a form of financing based on receivables from deliveries and services.

There is a much bigger number of factoring providers than for trade credit insurance. In Russia alone there are more than 50 companies, banks and specialized factoring entities, which are offering factoring solutions.

One would find a wide product range: there is a variety of possibilities for combination of the three main services of factoring: finance – delcredere (taking over the risk of non-payment) – administration.

We are offering solutions for debt based financing through a close cooperation with a number of factoring companies. Due to our specialization in trade credit insurance we can combine the possibilities of factoring and trade credit insurance in a clever way.

After an comprehensive analysis of the current needs of the prospect we check the market, negotiate an optimal bundle of services and accompany the prospect during the contract negotiations, during the day to day business as well as in the process of prolongation or restructuring of the arrangement.